Obsolete MEM Circuit Breakers

Obsolete MEM Circuit Breakers

MEM first started manufacturing circuit breakers in 1965 and were one of the UK’s biggest names in circuit protection. Now they go under the trade name of Eaton but still use the MEM name on some products.

Some ranges of MEM are still available to buy new from Eaton but most wholesalers don’t stock these products and Eaton have for some reason chosen to charge silly money. Expect to pay around £400 + VAT for a 32A m9 triple pole breaker! That’s probably why MEM is our best seller.

We keep in the stock the following ranges of obsolete MEM circuit breakers :

Memera 21 – These are M6 Type 1 MCB’s. Usually used in domestic installations.
Memera 2000 – There are several different styles of MCB’s in this range but all will fit any Memera 2000 board.
Memera 2000AD – These have a narrow terminal and only fit boards specifically marked Memera 2000AD. They won’t fit in older boards.
Memshield 1 – These are a commercial breaker and come in various types (Type 2,3,B,C & D) depending upon the age. Most are M9 rated.
Memshield 2 – These are also a commercial breaker and come in types B,C & D. These also will fit into all Memera 2000 range boards.

As well as keeping a range of MCB’s we also stock RCD’s, Main Switches and RCBO’s.