Here are some handy catalogues and technical info you can download. We will keep this updated as we find more.

Crabtree Industrial Circuit Protection

Older catalogue on Crabtree Polestar, Loadstar, Powerstar & Fusestar.

Dorman Smith Loadline Moulded Case Circuit breakers

Newer catalogue from Tyco but still lists older AA/AM frame MCCB’s

Eaton MEM Memera 2000 Range Catalogue

Useful catalogue on MEM Memera 2000 range of consumer units & accessories.

MEM MR30 Memshield 2 RCBO POD

Instructions on fitting MR30 pod’s to Memshield 2 MCB’s.

Eaton MEM Memshield 2 Range Catalogue

Useful catalogue on MEM Memshield 2 range. MCB’s, MCCB’s, consumer units & panel boards.

Schneider ACTI9 Cross Reference

Cross reference that shows the newer ACTI 9 range to the Multi 9 range.

How to Calculate Max Zs on MCCB's

Useful information from NAPIT on how to calculate the Max Zs on MCCB’s