MEM Memshield 2 RCBO POD

MEM Memshield 2 RCBO PODThe MEM Memshield 2 rcbo pod was a fantastic device that clipped onto an existing Memshield 2 MCB and basically converted it into a rcbo. The pods are not actually obsolete and are available from Eaton (who bought out MEM) but expect to pay around £70+ VAT at your local wholesaler. Eaton have mentioned discontinuing the item but I don’t see that happening any time soon as there is still a lot of old breakers in use and I would imagine they are making good money on the item. Basically they have you over a barrel, unless you know where to get them cheap and that’s where we come in 🙂

Not all pods are the same, some have long leads for triple pole boards and some have short leads for use in domestic boards. Also worth mentioning that the pods will fit the Memera 2000 range of MCB’s as well but only the part numbers that start ALB or ALC.

Pods on their own as usually referred to as ‘Field Fit’ which basically means you have to fit the pod to the mcb on site. Not a hard task but worth taking a look at the instructions of you have not done one before as they can be fragile and easily broken if you’re not careful.

You can also buy MCB’s pre-fitted with a pod in both the Memshield 2 and Memera 2000 ranges. These are usually just the 30mA size but field fit versions are availble is the following sizes:

MR10 – 10mA
MR30 – 30mA
MR100 – 100mA
MR300 – 300mA

Fitting instruction for pods can be downloaded form our Technical & Catalogue page.

Stock sells out really fast on the MEM Memshield 2 rcbo pod but to see our current range please click here.