A Few Site Enhancements

Firstly a huge thanks to all the customers that have supported us since we went live in June. It really is appreciated 🙂

We have been busy adding a few new bit to the site to make it a but easier to navigate. As our range is growing (daily) it’s sometimes difficult to track down the exact item you need. So we have added a nifty filter on the shop page with some drop down menus. You can filter by most attributes like manufacturer, model, brand, amperage voltage or a combination of them to filter down to the exact item you are after.

Two other things we have added are a saved list and a product comparison feature. The saved list will allow you to add your favourite items that you buy regular or items that you may want to save for viewing later to a list. Every product will now have a link saying save this item.

The product comparison will allow you to add several items to a list and compare the item specifics in a row. This can make it easier to get the right product. Every product will now have a link to add to the compare list.

Both the saved list and item compare feature can be accessed from the links next to the search bar.